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Has creating a bundle of joy turned you into a bundle of nerves? Find out if fertility testing can help speed up the process.

ReproSource advanced fertility testing

Our tests for both partners can be ordered for you by your doctor. We can help you begin a fertility conversation with your OBGYN today.


Talk with your doctor or OBGYN about ordering lab tests for you and your partner


Collect samples—in the office for women and at home for men


Review easy-to-understand results with your doctor


Take action now that you know more

Trying together, testing together

A successful pregnancy depends on critical factors from both partners—her egg supply and his sperm health. Compared to fertility trackers and other at-home collection options, ReproSource provides enhanced reports that guide you, your partner, and your doctor to actionable answers to fertility challenges.

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For her:
Ovarian Assessment Report (OAR) for egg supply testing

Advanced insights

You and your doctor get a unique view into your egg supply potential that can't be found with any other test.

One test, more answers

With a single blood sample, we measure 5 different hormones that are used to calculate your egg supply score.

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For him:
@Home Collection for semen analysis

Eliminate guessing

From sperm count to motility, this semen analysis reports on 21 parameters to provide a comprehensive evaluation of sperm quality.


Your sample, collected conveniently at home, is safely transported to our certified fertility lab for analysis.

Take the path that gets you to parenthood sooner

Early testing with ReproSource

Single calendar icon as soon as 1 month

Talk to your doctor

Get testing for both partners

Identify treatment or referral options

Take action

Get your conversation guide to talk to your doctor about getting ReproSource testing sooner rather than later.

The traditional testing path

Multiple calendar icons May be 1 year or longer

Talk to your doctor

Told to wait and keep trying

Get tested for female reproductive issues

Keep trying

Get tested for male reproductive issues

Get referral to a fertility specialist

Repeat female and male testing

Discuss treatment options

Take action

Start Fertility Quiz

Quiz: Discover your fertility potential

We're here to guide you through your fertility testing options and toward a successful pregnancy.

Personal Info
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Sensitive personal information

Let's get to know you

What’s your name?

Hello, we're ReproSource—the Quest Diagnostics® Center of Excellence for fertility testing. We'd like to learn more about you.

What's your age?

In the world of reproduction, age is more than just a number. It's one of the best indicators of fertility.

What is your biological sex?

Understanding whether you have ovaries and eggs (biologically female) or sperm (biologically male) helps us give you the right test options.

Your journey so far

{{firstName}}, are you currently trying to get pregnant?

Whether you're thinking of trying in the future, or working on it right now, it's smart to check your fertility health sooner rather than later.

How long have you been trying?

The length of time you've been trying gives us another clue into how easy or difficult it may be to get pregnant.

When would you like to be pregnant / have children?

If getting pregnant is a future goal, we bet you have a timeframe in mind.

Will you be using donor egg or sperm?

If you plan to work with a donation clinic, chances are your donor will be getting thoroughly tested for fertility potential.

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Pregnancy history

Have you already had any biological children?

Usually, a successful pregnancy in the past points to success in the future. But usually doesn't mean always, so it's best to check.

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Communication with your doctor

Have you talked to your doctor about your fertility?

Specialized fertility testing, the type of testing offered by ReproSource, needs to be ordered by a doctor. A candid conversation with your healthcare provider about your fertility is important.

What type of healthcare practitioner did you speak with?

This tells us the level of care you've sought out so far.

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Other steps toward pregnancy

Please check any other steps you've taken so far.

To make sure we've got all the details, let us know if you've taken any other action toward having a baby.

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Thank you for submitting the quiz, {{firstName}}

Based on your answers, you may want to talk to your healthcare provider or OBGYN about:

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Affordable ReproSource fertility testing is typically covered by health insurance.

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